A new real estate concept with a database of more than 20.000 properties on the Costa del Sol

An intelligent real estate, where the entire buying-selling process will be much easier thanks to a CRM designed exclusively for us.

We share clients and properties with other real estate agencies

We share clients and properties with other real estate agencies. Together we can offer each client just what they are looking for. Your client is yours, your property is yours

Shared commissions

If you sell the property of another real estate company, you get a commission. If another real estate agency sells your property, he gets a commission, with our Win&Win model, everyone wins.

Property segmentation

With our client and property segmentation system, making "Match" is an easier task. Thanks to segmentation and cross-demand you will always be able to offer your client just what they are looking for.

We make our agents a machine to convert contacts into sales.

Leads & clients

The more we know about a customer, the easier it is to make a sale, segmentation is the key.


Shared calendar with alerts so you don't miss a call, a visit...

Integrated mailing

If we know what customers are looking for, we can automate the sending of emails to offer it.

Properties portfolio

Easy property registration and management with advanced segmentation functionality.

Sales funnel

Turning tasks into mechanized processes increases sales and reduces efforts.


To measure the performance of each agent and your company in relation to settled objectives.

We know how to make a higher conversion of sales

“Digital transformation is not having a website, it is using technology to optimize all the processes and tasks carried out in your business.”

4 years of R&D experience

More than 4 years of experience and R&D as entrepreneurs and agents in the real estate sector

Are you worried about the performance of your business?

Share with us all those difficulties or barriers that you find in the daily management of your team, organization or clients.

Help center

Visit the help center to see all the frequently asked questions and answers or contact our team.

Our real estate platform

We have created a platform to make it much easier and more intuitive for all our clients and colleagues in the sector.

Upload properties

En nuestra plataforma inmobiliaria podrás In our real estate platform you can easily upload properties.

Visiting calendar

Each property will have its own calendar to schedule visits quickly and directly.

Property management

Complete and effective management of your property from any type of device.

Demand matching

Our tool will be able to select and display the most interesting homes for each buyer.

Messages and calls

Call us or send us a message with a simple click to ask us about any property.


Detailed and real-time information about the metrics of your ad to optimize its results.

We grow toguether

If you are interested in buying a property or want to know more information about us.


Frequently asked questions

If you don’t find what you need help center

We are already working throughout the Costa del Sol, from Malaga Capital to Estepona. Our goal is to grow and expand our portfolio of properties and agents in other areas of Spain.

Thanks to our platform, the client will have access to a wide variety of properties and always accompanied by the same real estate agent, in order to make the buying and selling process much easier.

With our platform you can  upload and manage the publication of your property. You will always have control of the price, characteristics or photos that are published.

On our platform you can upload all your content totally free. We only get paid if we sell.

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